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Westfield 300
Westfield 300

Westfield celebrates it’s 300th Anniversary in 2020. The town ran a contest for a logo to commemorate the event, which I had not thought about entering. At all. Until I did. As with a lot of creative thinking, things come to me when I am not trying to be creative. I designed this logo and then left it for a week, just sitting there on my computer, before I entered it in the contest on the very last day. Then I forgot about it, until I received a call that I was a finalist. I met with Mayor Brindle, made a few changes and waited. The Mayor called a week or so later and I was thrilled and honored to have been chosen as the winner.

Based on the brief description of the project given in the contest entry requirements, my concept had to be modern and historical. To reflect both past and present day Westfield. No easy task. My brain kept switching the “3” in 300 and the “w” in Westfield and I had to find a way to make it work. So, I designed this logo to be flexible, a frame concept that allows not only the main image (the cupola) to represent the town, but other images could be substituted to suit other aspects of the many areas of Westfield that would be a part of the community celebration.

Some of the other responsibilities for this project was creating a logo guide for the participating businesses to follow so we had continuity across the marketing and advertising for the event. You can view the guide below.

I was so excited to see this logo on merchandise, signage, on the flag at town hall. I am proud to be a resident and proud to be able to work on this amazing event for Westfield. Even if COVID-19 delayed some of the events.

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