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Environmental Art

Art takes flight
A&W Root Beer Concession
Westfield Animal hospital
Westfield 300 Piano
Woof Gang Bakery
Compass rose
Environmental Art

Every once in a while, I am hired (or volunteered) to paint something large and off the screen or paper. I love these projects because it’s a nice change and I get to leave my office!

Art Takes Flight
I was proud to be chosen to participate in “Art Takes Flight”, a Westfield outdoor art exhibit of 30 painted butterflies, painted by local artists, displayed in the downtown area. My piece was called “Hearts in Flight” and was inspired by various Pop Artists including Britto, Andy Warhol and Burton Morris. It also features a hidden word, Lā™„VE, if you can find it. šŸ˜‰ I also created the map and flyers for the event.

A&W Root Beer Concession

Just after 9/11 I was hired to paint a mural at the A&W restaurant in the food court in the newest wing of Newark airport Terminal C. I needed to borrow a cherry picker for the project as the mural was about 20 feet off the floor. So everyday the construction workers would walk by and see me nervously painting up there…

The black and white window paintings here are from Westfield’s AddamsFest. This is an annual celebration of Charles Addams and all things Addam’s Family. Local artists are asked to paint the shop windows in town. The concepts are artist choice but inspired by the art of Chaz Addams.

Westfield Animal Hospital
The last window painting was commissioned by Westfield Animal Hospital as inspiration for Westfield during the pandemic. Painting assistant for the windows: Bridget Tarleton

I was asked again in 2021 to paint a new image to “Welcome in person pet visits”. I love how these images have impact and draws attention to the building.

W300 Piano
The Westfield 300 Celebration also had me commissioned to paint an old piano donated from the United Methodist Church. I was asked to somehow incorporate the logo into the design. I opted for this drip design with an enormous window sticker of the logo draped over it.

Painting assistant: Emory Wilner

Woof Gang Bakery

Woof Gang hired me to paint two locations. Their current with a “We’re Moving” message and a “Coming Soon” at their new location.

Compass Rose

This compass is painted in the Barbecue Pavilion at Tamaques Park, Westfield, NJ. I was tasked with something that complimented the park environment but also make the pavilion special. The compass is 10 feet in diameter and was painted with metallic concrete paint. Photos of the work in progress shows how complex something like this becomes. It does actually point magnetic North. There was also a lot of tape used!

Painting assistant: Emory Wilner

Thank you, the windows look amazing. We are so happy with it and our clients have respondedĀ to positively to it.


– Westfield Animal Hospital

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